Corridor Planning &

Updated Imagery

4th Dimension has developed a unique and dynamic approach to Corridor Planning that no one else is using in the Bakken!!!

These methods work for pipelines, wellsites, wind farms, roads, and any other civil design application.  We have the ability to compile updated aerial and satellite imagery that is updated both annually and monthly and combine it with GIS and 3D Data to let you view the whole picture of your corridor and avoid costly conflicts with existing infrastructure.  This can be done with the exceptional turnaround time, and for a cost that will save your company up to 60% in design costs.  The best part is this planning can be completed from our extensive database all without having to send a crew to the field...thus keeping your projects private and secure while determining the most economical routes and designs!


•View the whole Corridor with an interactive 3D model

• Integrated imagery with 3D models allows you and your team to see the critical routes from the office!

•Try various options in a 3D model and provide an interactive experience without having to assemble everyone in the field!

•Integrate any GIS data to help view various landowners or restrictive areas so that time isn’t wasted pursuing options that would not work from the start!

Save 60% in Design Costs using these Dynamic Methods!!!




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